Colonel Robert Budahas was miraculously found in his home today after being missing for some time. The Colonel was a Test Pilot for a Classified Military Project. After his return Doctors examined him. They found his body covered by a rash and his mental state altered.

Government Test Pilots flying planes with possible UFO technology. Say no more! Mulder and Scully were off to Idaho! When they arrived at the Budahas residence Mrs. Budahas reported that this man was not her husband. Upon interviewing the Colonel he acknowledged that part of his memory was gone

Thanks to the help of some local teens Mulder found the airfield where the aircrafts are being tested. Mulder and Scully both met with resistance from the Military as they attempted to continue their investigation. Mulder was captured and the memory of what he saw erased. An unknown Government Agent warned Mulder that he had seen things that are not to be seen. Also care and discretion are in order or their lives may be in danger.

The Government Agent told Mulder that he could provide him with information as long as it was in his best interest to do so. This Agent’s goal was to uncover the truth just like Mulder’s. The Agent asked Mulder why he still believed in extraterrestrials despite all evidence to the contrary. Mulder replied that “because all the evidence to the contrary is not entirely dissuasive”. Mulder asked the man if “They” are here. The response “Mr Mulder They have been here for a long long time”.

Join Darrell and Chip as they take a journey towards the truth in the brand new X Files podcast We Still Believe.  The conspiracy begins anew in January, so to prepare, we must do a bit of time travel.  Take a trip down memory lane to 1993 where it all began.  This new podcast will be covering the new series and the 10 essential episodes hand picked by Chris Carter.   The first episode of We Still Believe covering the pilot of this iconic series is already available for download.  This podcast is filled with fun facts about the episode, memorable quotes and cool stories.  It will also get you up to date on show news as they count down to the January 2016 release.  Need to know what episodes to watch? Don’t worry all the episode titles are included in the first episode of the podcast.  The truth is still out there and I still believe.  The question is… you?


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