Hello, PKD Fans! What would you do if you were promised everything you ever dreamed of? Would you take the risk of losing everything you’ve worked for? Find out what Ed chooses on this week’s Electric Dreams Podcast, where we discuss Electric Dreams Season 1 Episode 4, entitled Crazy Diamond, which originally aired on October 8, 2017.

CrazyDiamond9Ed (Steve Buscemi) and his wife Sally (Julia Davis) live in a house at the edge of a cliff where they are constantly reminded that they can’t waste the food they are forced to buy, and can’t grow their own. The fact they break those rules is telling of what Ed represents, and that is a non-conformist, and one set to fail in a dystopian world where you are meant to live for the day. The fact Ed makes a joke about living for the “squeeze” highlights the controlling nature of the society they are in.

CrazyDiamond3Ed is a scientist who works for a company that places Quantum Consciousnesses, or QCs, into human bodies that have been fabricated. Despite having skills, emotions and knowledge, they have no self-awareness without the Quantum Consciousnesses. These creations, known as Jacks and Jills, occupy a lower position in society than ordinary humans. During a presentation at his place of employment Ed meets Jill (Sidse Bahatt Knudsen) who happens to be a Jill that is failing.

CrazyDiamond2Jill persuades Ed to help her steal embryonic QCs from his place of work so that the two of them can make a new life together. Initially on board, Ed experiences a crisis of conscience when his wife Sally walks in on him overseeing the heist from his computer.

CrazyDiamond7He presses the alarm and Jill is forced to flee with the QCs. She appears at Ed and Sally’s house offering life insurance and fakes infirmity to convince Sally to allow her to stay. After Sally goes to bed Jill continues trying to seduce Ed into a life of crime.

CrazyDiamond6Sally becomes concerned about her husband and strikes up a friendship with Su (Joanna Scanlan) the security guard at her place of employment who happens to be a pig/human chimera. Su provides a glimpse into a world where factory-made chimeras, many of which are indistinguishable from ‘normals’, are treated as second-class citizens. The brief friendship between Su and Sally plays a part in awakening Sally, who goes from questioning Su’s right to align herself with ‘normals’ to telling her conspiratorially that “us girls have to stick together”.

CrazyDiamond5Ed and Jill go to buy their stolen QCs from a group of gangsters. After Jill kills the gangsters Ed is confronted by his boss, Donald (Lucian Msmati) who knew what was going on from the beginning as he knew Jill.

When Ed hesitates to save Jill she kills Donald and drives away after telling Ed she is disappointed in him. When Ed returns home he finds a note that has been left by Sally before his house starts to explode. Ed takes a speedboat onto the open ocean that contains Sally and Jill. After a half hearted explanation by Ed the two women dump him into the water. Ed washes up on a shore with only a vinyl record to keep him company. He laughs hysterically as he realizes what he has lost.


Link to the song Ed used as his security song – Flow My Tears

Link to the book Flow My Tears The Policeman Said

Link to the short story Sales Pitch

Link to the Syd Barrett song Octopus

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