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Welcome once again to “Don’t Blink” and, the TARDIS we call home. This week we review the 7th episode of season 11 called “Kerblam!” It’s an ambitious story of Amazonian proportions. I mean come on, who’s not down for some intergalactic package delivery? Everyone loves gifts right? The great box, the mystery, the bubble wrap…

The Doctor and Friends find themselves being chased by some kind of energy signal, only to discover that it is the intergalactic delivery service called Kerblam! It would seem that the 11th Doctor may have ordered a fez, and it is only now catching up with the TARDIS. After squeeing with joy at the sight of a Kerblam!-man, the Doctor discovers an ominous message printed on the receipt saying “help me”.

That’s all it takes for our new Team TARDIS to set off on a new adventure. Along the way they discover twists and turns and plots (kinda) that ultimately confuse the story but still make it fun to watch. So, as usual, come join us as we discuss the merits and fails of “Kerblam!”

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