Prem means Love

Welcome to the Punjab,1947. Hope you like weddings and demons, because this episode has it all. This week, Doctor Who takes her new friends to the Partition of India. “Why?”, you might ask. It’s a wedding!

Yaz, receives a gift from her Nani, one that she has held on to since her youth in Punjab. This ignites Yaz’s curiosity to the point that she asks the Doctor to take her back in time to get a better understanding of her grandmother. Again, “Doctor Who” gives us a splendid story wrapped in gorgeous visuals and wed to superb music. “Demons of the Punjab” is sure to be an instant classic, much like “Rosa”. Season 11 is really hitting a high note by allowing historical stories to be written by the people of it’s respective culture. We discuss this wonderful story and so much more on this weeks episode of Don’t Blink. Come join us in the TARDIS!

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