Welcome back to our humble TARDIS. This week we unravel the Tsuranga Conundrum. What do you do when the owner of the ship you are on wants to destroy it, there is a deadly creature on-board bent on destroying the ship, and you have a ship full of medical patients? Why, you call the Doctor

The BBC continues to give us a show full of sci-fi, humor, awesome characters and a renewed and continued effort to educate. After searching a trash planet for spare parts, our Team TARDIS finds themselves attacked and wounded by a sonic mine. After being rescued by a passing medical vehicle named the Tsuranga, our heroes must find a way to return to the TARDIS. In the ensuing chaos, they must defeat a deadly but cute alien bent on eating the whole ship. Meanwhile, there is a pregnant alien giving birth, and a general being treated for Pilot’s Heart.

As usual, things look dire and the Doctor has to perform close to a miracle to save the day. Join us as we discuss The Tsuranga Conundrum and much more.

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