Doctor Who, season 10, episode 12 “The Doctor Falls“, is an AMAZING season finale! Cyber Bill is battling her programming to become a full Cyberman, Missy and The Master are battling over whether or not to help The Doctor, The Doctor is battling his pending regeneration, and Nardole may have romance coming his way! All of this, and more, really wrap up season 10 in fine style.

Join David and Wayne, one last time until Christmas, to review “The Doctor Falls” episode, and share brilliant listener thoughts and theories. They also give their episode ratings, assign Classic Doctor Who viewing homework, and more.

Remember to submit your nominations, before July 31, 2017, for the 12th Annual Podcast Awards! Golden Spiral Media has two podcasts eligible this year. Please nominate:
* The Blacklist Exposed in Entertainment
* Beyond Westworld in TV & Film
* and Wayne and Troy’s independent Packers Fan Podcast in the Sports category at

David ‘s Classic Doctor Who homework this week is “The Caves of Androzani” on BritBoxUS.

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