Doctor Who, season 10, episode 11 “World Enough and Time“, is one of the best penultimate episodes of Doctor Who, in years! The Doctor, Bill, Nardole, and Missy take the TARDIS inside a gigantic spaceship/city which is trying to avoid being sucked into a black hole! How big is this ship? This ship is so big, that the people on the top floors (closest to the black hole) are experiencing time at a different rate than the people on the bottom floors of the ship! We’ll save the two GIGANTIC reveals, for the the podcast discussion!

Join David and Wayne, as they enjoy talking about the amazing “World Enough and Time” episode, and share fantastic listener feedback. They also give their episode ratings, assign some Classic Doctor Who viewing homework, and more.

David ‘s Classic Doctor Who homework this week is the “Resistance is Useless“ documentary, on YouTube.

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