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What do you get when you mix The Doctor, Darillium, and River Song? Hologrammatic Antlers of course! That and an exploration in the husbands of River Song and a headless cyborg. Join Jeremy and David on their final journey together with Don’t Blink as they criticize random carolers and review the 2015 Christmas special: The Husbands of River Song!

Sometimes there’s a loophole, but not always, and happy ever after doesn’t mean forever, which is interestingly coincidental to the Doctor’s many lives – and diamonds come to think of it. The final episode of 2015 goes out with an epic transformation of our understanding of Euclidean geometry and physical space, and the question of an evening on Darillium is finally asked and answered. It’s not so bad after all!

This Christmas is now Last Christmas and there’s a light at the end of the Doctor’s tunnel. Let us know what you thought of The Husbands of River Song and leave some Whovian here.



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