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The Doctor Who series 9 penultimate episode is Heaven Sent to fans still grieving Clara’s demise. The Doctor has been teleported away, betrayed by Ashildr, and mourning the loss of Clara.  What he faces next is not heaven sent.  Can The Doctor escape this prison?  What will be the cost he has to pay?  More importantly who is behind it all?

Join us as we discuss The Doctor’s LONG strange trip through the billions of years.  What have his confessions cost him?  Who is behind it all?  Will he be able to honor his promise to Clara?  Will the Time Lords think The Doctor was Heaven Sent?  Discussion is had on these things and much more on this week’s episode of Don’t Blink.

This episode rests solely on the shoulders of Peter Capaldi.  The castle may only be populated by The Doctor and the Veil, but it is full.  Great dialogue and character study of who The Doctor is.  He brings in all the characteristics of The Doctor through the ages.  This makes sense since he is faced with all the mistakes and decisions of his long life inside the confession dial.  He fights, confesses when needed and slowly chips away at the barrier that keeps him trapped and then he gets a reset.  It was an inventive way to keep him from going insane and keep him ready to fight.  He uses the TARDIS and mental Clara to help him figure things out and fight on to the next round.  All in all an outstanding display of acting skills and story development.

With the season finale coming this Saturday we would love your feedback about this season of Doctor Who, this episode and more.  You can even speculate about the Christmas episode.  We are a Whovian family and want your voice to be a part of the podcast.  So leave your written or audio feedback here.



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