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Enter Sandman, and David, and Jeremy! This week we join The Doctor miles above Neptune over a millennia in our future with a found footage episode that might try too hard to be Aliens. Or is it space aliens, I can’t decide. Join us for our thoughts on the ninth episode of season nine: Sleep No More!

With a Macbeth reference, the title lets us know from the start that we’ll be dealing with sleep and dreams, but does Morpheus hide anything more sinister than eye gunk? What other tropes than Aliens can we find? Lot’s of questions and waffling abounds in Sleep No More, so take your five minute power nap and listen now!

Thank you listeners for your
feedback! As a reminder, it’s due on Mondays at 5pm CST. So stop day dreaming, lose the headcrabs and unplug from the Matrix and let us know what you thought about Sleep No More!


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