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Castle Rock had a panel at the ATX Festival in Austin Texas. ATX is an up and coming festival and attendees were in for a treat from Hulu’s Castle Rock. Wayne and Geoff got the scoop on the panel from Jason Griffin from TV Times Three.

ATX Castle Rock Panel:

Joining us on this episode was fellow podcaster,  Jason Griffin. Jason gave us the scoop on the panel, some of the questions asked, the vision of the show from the producers, and much more. We are so grateful to Jason for his help!  To find out more about ATX you can click here. The Castle Rock panel info is here and maybe they will share the audio/video soon.

Here is the Info-graph that Jason mentioned:

Stephen King Universe Infograph

Connect with Jason:


Thanks, Courtney, for your feedback and questions. We look forward to hearing from her and all of you during this great series! Please check out the feedback info in the sound off section below.

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This came in just after we recorded. is reporting that Episode 1 will be screened at San Diego Comic-Con. Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgard, Melanie Lynskey and more will be there for the panel.

Also please keep an eye on the Facebook group. We have photos up and will add more as Hulu releases them.

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