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“Under the Dome” returns for a third season, and almost everyone gets out of the dome, and a year later has moved on with their lives. Or not. Meanwhile, Barbie, Julia, and Junior struggle to catch up with the others, with Big Jim hot on their heels, while some dog seems to like following him around. (That’s can’t be good for the dog.)

The Chester’s Mill Gazette is back to bring you an in-depth discussion of what’s going on under, and outside, the dome. If you want to send in your reports, file them at our newsdesk (aka the Feedback Page). We’d love your contributions!

Click here for the ratings info.

If you’re in the market for Under the Dome books, DVDs or other merchandise, click on the link and you’ll help support the Gazette.

Send us your Letters to the Editor (i.e. feedback). On the Golden Spiral Media feedback page, let us know you thought, theories headline ideas, and predictions. And don’t forget to tell us your newspaper position when you write or call. Want to be the city editor, the head of advertising, the assistant deputy assistant to the city desk secretary? Let us know!

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