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To get you ready for the new season, 7 different Under the Dome podcast hosts representing 4 podcasts got together to recap season 2 and look ahead to what we’re expecting in season 3. In addition to Karen and Doug, other podcasts represented were Wayne and Troy from Under the Dome Radio, Mark Des Cotes from Solo Talk Media’s The Under The Dome Podcast, and Robert Southgate and Olivia from the Chester’s Mill Report. The roundtable was moderated by Aaron Peterson from The Hollywood Outsider.

You’re going to hear our thoughts about the best and worst characters, best and worst plot points, what we’re hoping to get in season 3, and much more. So get ready to watch Under the Dome on Thursdays, and then send in your feedback to the Chester’s Mill Gazette.

If you’re in the market for Under the Dome books, DVDs or other merchandise, click on the link and you’ll help support the Gazette.

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