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Brr! It’s cold in here! I was hoping it wasn’t just me feeling the chill this week. I can take a bit more of the icy weather than most, but this week it was downright chilling! How fantastic was it to have Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold on season 1 episode 4 of The Flash? The puns were in rapid-fire mode as not only the episode title is indicative of the band of super villains yet to come, but also the allusions to “heat” and “cold” welcome Miller and former co-star of Prison Break Dominic Purcell into the fold.watchthis

The Shadow and I, Miss Ice, try to break down this phenomenal episode as best we can! There’s a lot to cover, from Cisco creating the cold gun that brings about the events of the episode to the repercussions of that creation as it pertains to Barry, to Felicity’s (breathtaking) presence in Central City. Opposites attract, kind of like heat and cold, hmm? But unfortunately, Felicity and Barry are both smoakin’ and a relationship between them just seems pointless.

Heh. See what I did there?

Next week, November 4, are state elections across the United States, so The Flash is taking a little break and re-airing episode 3, Things You Can’t Outrun. In the meantime, we would LOVE to be able to produce a podcast that focuses on YOUR feedback. Whether it’s a theory you want to explore, observations you have, or whatever, send that in by 6pm Eastern on Thursday November 6 and we will talk about it! We do have a question, however, to get you thinking about something to send in: Which Rogues members do you think they’ll introduce besides Captain Cold and Heatwave? Which Rogues members do you want to see explored? Head on over to our Feedback page and drop us a beat!

If we don’t receive a lot of feedback for next week, we probably won’t put anything out. But fear not! Central City will still be here when The Flash returns on NOVEMBER 11 with an all-new episode!


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