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Thank you for joining me in this first rapid reactions segment for Central City Underground! I am Miss Ice and in this short, pre-episode discussion I quickly outline what the Rapid Reactions segment will be, give my episode rating, and then lay down three highlights of the pilot episode.

1) Something Barry’s mom said stuck with me… and I go into what implication her words of wisdom may have on Barry’s character development.
2) Barry “Crackpot Theory” Allen. Does it seem like Barry’s been set up as the guy with a Wall of Weird? Sorry to bring up the Wall of Weird.
3) Everyone likes a good challenge, right? Harrison Wells said something to Barry that I think made for a turning point in the episode.

How will the general public react to Barry’s alter ego?

This week, as I mention, is a short week for getting your thoughts and theories to us, but we believe in you! Go to our Feedback page ( and there are 3 ways you can get in touch with us: EMAIL, VOICEMAIL, and AUDIO. What’s the difference between the last two? You can either call our voice feedback line OR you can use the SpeakPipe widget… OR! you can upload an audio file with our handy-dandy submission form!

Our regularly scheduled podcast will be released on SUPERHERO FRIDAY mornings! Be sure you’re subscribed in iTunes or Stitcher because there will be plenty to discuss each week and we don’t want you missing out!


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