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Remember that time on The Flash when Harry met Harry? Well here we go again! Get ready Central City Underground, this week we have more Harrys than even Harry can handle. While Cisco is busy Harry-sitting, Barry and Ralph get off to a rocky start on their first superhero team-up. A new meta has been unleashed on Central City, Black Bison, and she’s a murderer with a mission.

Harry and The Council of Wells

Harry is having a crisis of self worth. Realizing that they need more brain power if Team Flash wants to get a lead on the Thinker, Harry decides to call in a few friends. I know right?! Harry has friends? As it turns out Harry has been communicating with several of his multiversal counterparts. When he enlists his “friends” to help solve the mystery of who is Devoe, Cisco dubs them the Council Of Wells. Oh Cisco. We are introduced to Harrison Wolfgang Wells of Earth 12, H. Lothario Wells of Earth 47, Wells 2.0 of Earth 22, and last but not least Wells the Grey! In the midst of arguing and a general clash of personalities, Harry calls the whole thing off. It seems that Harry can’t stand Harry. For all his smarts, Harry still doesn’t think he is worth much. Thanks to some insightful love shared by Cisco, Harry is convinced to reconvene the Council. Spurred on by their newfound sense of camaraderie, The Council of Wells delivers the first solid clue about Devoe; an address.

Stretch and The Streak

Now that Ralph Dibny has joined Team Flash, he must learn what it means to truly be a hero. But what’s a hero without out a suit? Eager as a puppy in a window, Dibny finally gets to try on his super suit created by Cisco. He is thoroughly disappointed in the unremarkable grey tarp he is presented with. It doesn’t matter, because soon enough Dibny is battling the villain Black Bison and has to make a choice of heroic proportions. His dogged determination to catch the bad guys results in a little girl getting hurt and his perspective being thrown out of whack. While Dibny’s sleazy lifestyle has often been a direct foil to Barry’s do-gooder attitude, he often has words of wisdom to help point Barry in the right direction. Now it’s Barry’s turn. After a touching speech by Barry and a burying of the hatchet, the two heroes gain a new respect for one another and go after Black Bison for one more showdown.

The Black Bison

In this episode we are introduced to Mina Chaytan, the supervillain known as Black Bison. Chaytan belongs to the Lakota tribe, one of the three major subdivisions of the Sioux Nation. After losing her job at a University due to violent protests, Mina finds herself aboard a bus that will change her life. Yup, she rode the Meta-bus on that fateful day Barry’s escape from the speedforce changed twelve peoples lives forever. After being struck by dark matter energy Mina discovered she had the ability to telekinetically animate effigies (inanimate objects that are shaped with features that would allow self-mobility). She took on the name Black Bison, and with her new found power decided she would reclaim many of the lost artifacts of her people, at any cost.

Superhero 101

Having stopped a mugger, exploded a suit of armor, and defeated the skeleton of a tyrannosaurs rex, our heroes finally catch the bad guy and a break. Armed with an address, Team Flash sets out to confront Devoe, The Thinker. What could go wrong? Wait, he has a wife? He’s in a wheelchair? Noooo! what ever will they do now! Join us as we discuss this and so much more. Also stop by our Facebook page and join in the discussion and live broadcast chat. It’s great! Maybe even hit us up on Twitter and lets us know what you think! Talk to ya next week!


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