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CCU 96
The Flash, Season 4: Episode 5 – “Girls Night Out”

Frost, metal, and the Golden Booty.

Excuse me, I think you dropped something, and by “something”, I mean your eyeball! Much like the way my jaw dropped at the amazing performance Katee Sackhoff gave us this week as the flippant yet menacing villain Amunet Black. Get ready Central City Underground for Flashtastic pre-wedding shenanigans as we discuss bachelor and bachelorette parties of the Meta-kind. This week we watch as Team Flash helps Barry and Iris celebrate their upcoming nuptials. The ladies take Iris out for a simple dinner while the guys sit at the house and view old home movies of Barry. What could go wrong? As usual, everything!

As Caitlin ponders skipping out on the team to prevent past actions as Killer Frost from returning to haunt her, she is convinced to go out one more time with the ladies to celebrate Iris’ upcoming wedding. As is typical in Central City, the fun-filled evening is quickly interrupted by a snake-eyed metahuman seeking to draw Caitlin back to the dark side. After a quick visit to a nightclub where everyone is hopped up on another metahuman’s tears, (that’s right, they are drinking his tears) the ladies of team Flash find themselves facing off against the metahuman criminal mastermind, Amunet Black. Meanwhile, the fellas are have found themselves knee deep in endless fries, fistfights, The Golden Booty, and Central City lockup.

I believe the real question is, “Why didn’t Rose make room for Jack?”.


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