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Elongated Journey Into Night
CCU 95 Season 4 Episode 4

Octothorpe: another term for the pound sign (#)

I’m all for a good gumshoe mystery, but this one might be a stretch. This week Hartley Sawyer delivers a masterful performance when he joins Team Flash as the wise-cracking ex-police detective Ralph Dibny, AKA The Elongated Man. And trust me, this guy is a real private dick! When we first met Dibny, he appears to be a down on his luck, sleaze ball private investigator. Quickly we discover he has recently taken a ride on the Metabus and has a real chip on his shoulder for Barry Allen. Once his meta-abilities manifest, our hero-to-be makes matters even worse by blackmailing the crooked mayor into not being blackmailed!?

Meanwhile, Cisco and Gypsy are rudely interrupted when a leather-clad Danny Trejo breaches into the room. “Who is this scary man with such hate in his heart for Cisco?” you might ask. It’s none other than Breacher! You know, Gypsy’s dad. All he wants is to hunt Cisco for dating his daughter, and to destroy some plastoids. The hilarity that ensues is a testament to the masterful skills of both writers Thomas Pound and Sterling Gates, and director Tom Cavanagh. Come join us this week Undergrounders, as we discuss this classic tale of adulterous mayors, overprotective fathers, and heroes finding their way.

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