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Luck Be a Lady
CCU 94 Season 4 Episode 3

Haikus are easy?
But sometimes plots don’t make sense

This week the marbles fly as the Flash battles bad luck, break-up cubes, and bad pipes! Becky Sharpe is your average down-on-her-luck everywoman, until a magical ride on the Central City MetaBus turns her into Hazard, the luck manipulating supervillain. In the blink of an eye, her whole life is turned around and now she must luck her way free of Team Flash’s bumbling attempts to capture her.

Meanwhile, Barry and Iris decide that there’s no time like the present. They attempt to tie the knot in an impromptu and futile effort to take destiny into their own hands. With Hazard’s luck field growing, the whole team wonders if things are out of control. Joe’s aging house has a bad case of bursting pipes and Harry finally makes his first appearance this season! Wow! Join us for a fun packed podcast that is sure to…wait, I feel like I’m forgetting something…Oh yeah! Wally!


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