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Happy 1-1-1 Day Undergrounders! This week we find our heroes getting mixed signals, of both the heart, and the tech kind. Barry and Iris are readjusting to having each other back in their lives, by going to couples counseling?! As it turns out, the road back to happiness might have a few technical glitches. Theirs isn’t the only relationship suffering from the new dynamics of Team Flash. Cisco and Gypsy work through their own schmoopy love problems. Thank Saint Shaquille!

Really?! Saint Shaquille?!

Meanwhile, a new meta-human is on a killing spree throughout the city. He seems to have a vendetta against billionaire tech moguls. Oh, did I mention he can control technology with his mind? Yes! Kilgore makes his small screen debut amidst a flurry of fantastic Flash action, comedy, and drama. Join us here at Central City Underground for a discussion that’s sure to make you ask yourself, “Warden Wolf? Didn’t I last see him floating through space?”.


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