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The Flash Reborn

CCU 92 Season 4 Episode 1


WE’RE BACK BABY!  Welcome back to Central City Underground! It’s been a long summer as we eagerly awaited to see what would become of the Scarlet Speedster after being sent into the Speedforce at the end of last season.  There was some speculation and chatter on the Facebook page as we could only imagine what was in-store for us and Team Flash…Team Kid Flash…wait…Team Vibe(?)  Well let’s just say that the team’s all here.  That’s right, we get Barry back in the first episode.  As if that wasn’t enough, Caitlin as a kick butt bartender!  How could it get better than that?  I’ll tell you how.  Iris is the new team leader, Joe and Cecile are moving in together and Wally knows Japanese!

Wow!  What a great start to what is sure to be another action packed, fast paced season.  The team’s dynamics have shifted and tensions are running high.  Could Barry’s return be just what our heroes need?  Could his “Beautiful Mind” state be just the thing to thwart this season’s big bad?  No, I’m not talking about the flying android Samurai with the reverse Excalibur moves (although those effects were amazing!).  I’m talking about The Thinker, I think.  Or maybe it’s Amunet, the unseen boss running the super shady dive bar Caitlin now finds herself working at.  Or maybe it’s Caitlin herself!  Okay, so at this point we all know it’s the Thinker, but with so many potential storylines, it’s starting to look like this season is going to have our heads spinning faster than you can say “Where’s Wells?”.


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