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The Flash, Season Three, Episode 22: Finish Line
Some thoughts from Tony:
Well, with Finish Line come and gone, we’ve come to the end of Season Three!  A season full of excitement, weirdness, wonderfulness, a ton of stuff that we loved and a handful of things that made us go “Uhhmmmm??”.   I’m looking forward to Season Four already!
Our thoughts on this episode, and this season, can be found in the podcast itself, but, there’s an announcement that we have to make:  Speed Force Mom said this was Barry’s Finish Line, and it’s also ours.  Joe and I will be stepping down as hosts of CCU.  We love the show, love the podcast, and love the community of friends we’ve so enjoyed being a part of during the last 3 seasons.  I can’t say enough how much FUN it has been getting together with my good pal Joseph Zettelmaier for this podcast, and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to do it.  However, I’ve made the difficult choice to step down.  Because of some health issues of mine, I need to take a few things labeled “meet this deadline and be stressed” OFF my schedule and put more things like “be with family relaxing and maintaining health” ON my schedule.  Life has said “Slow down” and I need to listen, even though my impulse has always been “Run, Tony, Run!”  (See what I did there?)   For his part, Joe has said that since we started this journey together, he’d prefer to finish it at the same time.  We’re not yet sure who will be taking over, but I’ll work with GSM to help make the transition smooth, and you’ll probably hear more about it in the upcoming months.
So – I want to thank everyone, starting with Darrell at GSM: He embraced Joe and I in the best way, and has proven to be one of the best guys I’ve ever met.  He’s put together a wonderful company with a terrific team of folks.  To all the Undergrounders;   You guys rock.  I’m truly grateful for your friendship.  I’ve had the best time laughing, theorizing, debating, arguing, and bonding over this show with all of you – truthfully, it’s the wonderfulness of this community that made it such a hard decision to step away from the hosting duties.  Joe and I were welcomed and encouraged and supported by your generosity of spirit, your enthusiasm and openness.  I hope you enjoyed the podcast as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.  This won’t be the end of my involvement with CCU, I’ll absolutely still be here as a fan, and I’m looking forward to much more discussion about this fun, silly, wonderful show with all of you.   Thank you for a wonderful few seasons!
Some thoughts from Joe:
May the Speed Force Be With You
What can I say? Two and a half years ago, Tony and I were asked to take the reigns of Central City Underground. I was thrilled, because the Flash (Wally West-era) is one of my favorite superheros, and working with Tony in any capacity is always a treat. How was I to know this amazing community would grow and welcome us into it. The discussions, the arguments…most of all the laughs…I grew to love the CCU community a great deal. That’s what makes stepping away all the trickier.
We didn’t make this decision lightly. We knew it would sting. Tony and I love you Undergroundlings (I will always call you that!) as much as we love the show itself. But this isn’t goodbye. Tony and I will likely be popping up on the FB page, saying howdy, commenting, whatnot. We’ll laugh at your antics, weep when tragedy strikes Team Flash, all of it.
I was gonna recount some favorite memories, but they’re too many. So instead, we raise our cups of Jitters coffee to you and say “Thank you. It’s been so much fun.”See you…IN THE FUTURE!
You can stay in touch with Joe on Facebook (Joseph Zettelmaier), and his playwrighting website!
Stay in contact with Tony on Facebook (Tony Caselli), Twitter (@TonyCaselli) or on his website TonyCaselli.Com


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