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The Flash, Season 3, Episode 21: Cause and Effect
Much like Iris and Joe, holy jeez did I love the return of happy-go-lucky, plucky Barry Allen. Perhaps I hadn’t noticed it consciously, but I’ve certainly been aware of a dark cloud hovering over this show. If I wanted non-stop gloom, I’d watch Arrow.

No, that’s not true. I’d never watch Arrow.
BUT the point being, seeing Barry rediscover his joy helped me rediscover my own joy for this show. From the “We’re brothers” moment to the zany text-glasses, it felt like we’d gone back in time to Season 1. The fun, the humor, the bantering…I knew I’d missed this, but I didn’t realize how much. And I don’t mean this to sound like too much of a criticism. Sometimes, even a fun show has to go dark for a while (Buffy, I’m looking at you). But from that darkness, the light shall return. And when it does, it’s all the brighter for it. In truth, I suspect there’s still some real pain coming this season (Joe West, I’m looking at you), but it is my sincerest hope that come Season 4, we’ll have a chance to frolic again.

Let’s stop dealing w/ the death of Barry’s parents.
Let’s stop seeing our heroes keep secrets from each other.
Let’s stop seeing them make hurtful, terrible decisions based on selfishness.
Let’s bring back the FUN!
Feedback deadline for next week’s episode, Infantino Street, will be Wednesday night at Midnight, EST!
PS – just for some fun, Tony wanted to throw in some pics: here’s the original Heat Monger, a villain from Justice League Task Force!
Cadre-DC-Comics-JLA-Aryan-Large-h Heatmonger-DC-Comics-Cadre-Aryan


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