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The Flash, Season 3, Episode 20: I Know Who You Are
Your Own Worst Enemy
Well, the big reveal is in! Barry truly is his own worst enemy, as Savitar is…Future Barry! Sure, many of us called this unmasking, but it’s still damn satisfying to see it actually happen. Turns out there was no comma in “I am the future Flash.” It’s Barry vs Future Barry…a scarred and crazy-eyed Barry.
But this very much fits the theme of the season, I think. We started in the magical, mystical world of Flashpoint…a hollow house built by arguably Barry’s most selfish action. But it became clear too soon that Barry’s actions were having dire consequences, so he tried to undo his mistake. Which fixed some things…and made others much worse. Because of his actions, we have Killer Frost. Because of his actions, Dante Ramon is no more. And I very much suspect that because of his actions…we have Savitar! How will all this play out? I don’t have the foggiest! But I can’t wait to find out!


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