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The Flash, Season 3, Episode 18: Abra Kadabra
Thoughts from Joe….

He’s a Magic Man
Oh, I’m a happy camper. One of my favorite members of the Rogues Gallery has finally made his long-overdue appearance. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen, put your hands together for…Abra Kadabra!!
Sure, it’s a pretty goofy super-villain name, but Kadabra is no laughing matter. He’s been a part of Flash’s nemesis pool since 1962, and often proves to be quite a threat indeed! Yup, he’s a tech-wizard from the FAR future, obsessed with fame and applause. Heck, he even manages to turn the Flash into a puppet! And no, not like a mind-controlled minion…AN ACTUAL PUPPET! The Flash always manages to defeat him, and often manages to hurl the scoundrel back to his own timeline. Oh, he’s made deals with the devil. He’s survived immolation (and sported a decidedly Freddy Krueger look for a while). AND even participated in the murder of one of the Flashes! (Bart Allen/Impulse).I thought his portrayal in this week’s episode was spot-on, and I really, really hope they’re setting him up to be a recurring and serious threat to our team for years to come!


……so, the show is now on HIATUS for a few weeks.  Next episode airs on April 25, 2017.  Our Feedback deadline will be, once again, the evening of the next day: Midnight on Wednesday April 26th!  Call 304-837-2278 to share your thoughts.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions on things you can do during the hiatus:  Check out some of the other great podcasts at Golden Spiral Media!  Leave us an iTunes review!  Make some baked goods and send them via UPS to Central City HQ!  Knit scarves in the colors of your favorite speedster, and mail them to friends!  Do some community service, and clean up the streets of Joe’s neighborhood.  Start a podcast called Central City ABOVEGROUND and do a weekly breakdown of THIS podcast.  Did we already say “send us baked goods”?

kadabra abra


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