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The Flash, Season 3, Episodes 15 & 16: The Wrath of Savitar/Into the Speed Force
Love’s Hard
As Michiganders, Tony and I have to occasionally deal with the fact that winter can be an utter beast. This past week, we (like hundreds of thousands of MI homes) lost power. Not for a few minutes, not for a few hours, but for a few days. As such, the podcast had to become TWO podcasts in one, you lucky ducks!
This blog won’t be as massive as a two-ep scenario may indicate, but it does allow me voice a trend I’m starting to notice. ‘Cause it concerns me ever so slightly.
I’ll be the first to admit that romance can be a twisted, snarly road. Sometimes it happens crazy fast (Jesse & Wally), sometimes it takes years to develop (Barry & Iris), sometimes it’s just a string of unluckiness (Caitlin & everyone). That variety and difficulty of it create plenty of dramatic fodder, and that’s likely why writers go to that particular well so much. It usually doesn’t bother me…but lately, something has made me go “Hrmmm…” with the Flash, and it’s this: Sometimes, it feels like romantic difficulties are created for no other reason than MORE CONFLICT. A lot of the Barry and Iris stuff is starting to feel that way to me, and the sudden “Jesse’s here. NOPE, she’s on Earth-3″ has a similar vibe.There may be method to this madness that I haven’t seen yet. It may pay off in a beautiful way. But I admit, the sooner it resolves, the happier I’ll be.
Next week – DUET! A little song and dance fun.

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