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Attack On Gorilla City

CCU 82

Great Apes!

We got to see it….to REALLY see it. Sure, we had a brief glimpse last season, but this time, we got to see Gorilla City in all it’s primeval glory!  Those familiar w/ the comics know that this secret society of super-apes is a staple of the DCU. Sure, the comic version had an outer-space aspect, and was surrounded by a cloaking field keeping it hidden from puny humans, but the real selling point was always the apes. Super intelligent, and (in the comics) very civilized. And those apes were led by none other than the mighty Solovar!

In the comics, Solovar is not white-furred, but he does sport a pretty nifty cape. He is a gentle, benevolent leader, renowned for his compassion and wisdom. Needless to say, Gorilla Grodd was NOT a fan. Solovar also boasts psychic powers on par with his nemesis. So revolutionary was Solovar’s leadership that he realized they couldn’t hide from the world forever, and his beloved city went public…so public, in fact, that they petitioned to join the United Nations! The great leader himself even played a major role in the Crisis of Infinite Earths, as one of the first heroes chosen by the Monitor to save the multiverse!

So yes, not exactly the weapon-wielding gladiator we saw this week, but I’ll be damn curious to see if we’ll seem him eventually become THIS Solovar…



See you next week!


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