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The Flash, Season 3, Episode 11: Dead or Alive
The Gypsy Road Can’t Take Wells Home
Wells, Wells, Wells! Looks like another classic DC mainstay has entered into the Flarrowverse! Ladies and gentlemen, we present…Cindy Reynolds aka Gypsy! But boy oh boy, this version of Gypsy is quite a bit different than the comic book version. So what’s the comic book version like, you ask? Old Man Zettelmaier’s here to tell you aaaallll about her!
A runaway from the suburbs, young Cindy developed illusion-casting powers. She ended up in Detroit (YAY! THE D!), and guess who ended up relocating there. Why, none other than the Justice League of America! After skulking about in their hideout, the League unawares, she eventually helps them out in battle and is granted membership to the team…which also included the newly-introduced Vibe!Gypsy’s tenure included battles w/ such classic baddies as Amazo, Despero, and the Royal Flush Gang. She became pals w/ the perpetual father figure of the JLA, Martian Manhunter…which worked out in her favor, because SHE DIED! But as comic characters do, she came back to life, with the help of J’onn and his Martian gods.Her history hasn’t been as glamorous as some of the League members, tho’ she did grow more powers (invisibility! Seein’ the future!), and even joined the Birds of Prey! She’s apparently still running around the New 52 DCU, so who knows what her future holds?! Well, she probably knows. ‘Cause seein’ the future.


Join us next week for another great episode of THE FLASH – and check out the other wonderful podcasts at Golden Spiral Media!  And – do us a favor – go leave a review of CCU on iTunes! :)  Thanks!


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