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The Flash is back!  After a long hiatus, we get the 10th episode of season 3, and it’s a ton of fun.  Be honest: Who wants to live in Iris and Barry’s new apartment?  (If you guessed Tony and Joe, you’re right.)  Speaking of Joe – here are some thoughts from him….

OK, loooooots of fun stuff happened this week, but by in large, it felt a bit like it was all a lot of set up for me. Know what? FINE. They defeated the big bad a couple months ago (We all know that won’t take), and we needed to get a sense of what course the gang is on for the rest of the season. This episode did exactly that, perhaps no more so than in the crazy headlines from the near future. Let’s break those down, shall we?

“The Music Meister Gets Six-Figure Book Deal”: If you hadn’t heard, there’s a musical, singin’-and-dancin’ crossover of the Flash and Supergirl coming up, and this headline clearly sets that up. How? Because the baddie of that ep is none other than another Glee alum Darren Criss!

“Joe West Honored at City Hall”: Ok, this one’s pretty vague. Joe defines “good cop”, so there’s a lot he could be getting honored for. Honestly, I can’t even begin to guess how this one will play out.

“Luigi’s Opens After Murder”: I have no idea what this is referring to either, beyond MURDER. I truly don’t know why, but for some reason I found myself wondering if Julian is long for this world. Also, now I want pizza.

“Killer Frost Still At Large”: This is a big one. Second biggest one, I’d say. This tells us that Caitlin still has her powers at this point, and that she’s now Killer Frost, and the press is calling her that. Is she evil? Seems like it, but you never know on this show…

“Star Labs Museum Closes”: I mean, it seemed like business was starting to pick up at the end there. I feel like low ticket sales isn’t a dramatic enough reason to see the old girl go. Makes me wonder…if something big and violent…is right around the corner…

“City Still Recovering from Gorilla Attack” BAM! BAM BAM BAM! The big announcement! Gorillas = Grodd! The greatest of Apes returns, and methinks he’s bringing some primate pals along for the ride! Perhaps THIS is why Star Labs Museum will close. Perhaps Grodd and Co. will bust through it like so much Kool-Aid Man!

Who knows what the future holds?

See you all next week!


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