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Well, we have to wait 6 more weeks for another episode, but The Flash left us with a good one!  “The Present” had some fun reveals, a few head-scratcher moments and at least one terrifying look into the future.  Tony and Joe and the CCU Undergrounders discuss it in this SUPERSIZED podcast, designed to last you until we get another episode!  Here are some thoughts from Joe:

OK. NOW we’re talking. This is how I like my Flash episodes. Storylines coming together in a way that makes me think they were planned that way. PLUS some glorious little easter eggs!
1) So Julian’s name is J. Albert Desmond. Oh. That’s interesting. Because Dr. Alchemy’s name in the comics is ALBERT DESMOND. Oh, you clever writers. Way to make my wee nerdy heart sing.
2) Also, blink and you miss it, but they also set up another classic villain from the Geoff John’s era showing up this season…and that’s Jared Morillo aka Plunder! (This is the fellow mentioned in the newscast in Barry’s future). Now, it’s a tad more complicated in the comics. There, Jared is a solid police detective who’s cocky, overly concerned about his appearance, and dearly loves his wife. Oh, and he accidentally develops super powers that he tells almost no one about and chooses to just be a cop instead of a super-hero. Now Plunder…Plunder is actually Morillo from a mirror dimension. Guess how he gets to our world? (Mirror Master coughcough). Plunder doesn’t have any super powers. What he does have is a cool costume and deadly-assassing-level training as a marksman. VERY curious to see how this fellow plays out in the series.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna have some of Grandma Millie’s eggnog and hunker down for the rest of December. Just like Barry, I’ll see you…IN THE FUTURE!
Also – we are now officially welcoming new THEME SONGS for CCU!  Lots of the Undergrounders are incredibly creative and talented people – we’d love to have some theme songs to use for the podcast from all of you!  Contact Tony via the GSM Feedback Page and/or the CCU Facebook page, and MAKE SOME MUSIC!  :)Talk to you all in 2017.  :)
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