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Killer Frost
CCU Episode 76
The Flash Season 3 Episode 7: Killer Frost

WOW! What an episode.  The Flash was firing on all cylinders this week, and here are some thoughts from Joe:

The Flash, Season 3, Episode 7: Killer Frost

The Strange Case of Julian Albert and Dr. Alchemy




I’ll be danged.

I guess sometimes it turns out the villain’s secret identity IS the most likely suspect. I, like many of you, thought “No, far too easy. Julian’s so snide, and evil-ish. He’s got the medical skills, sure. AND we’d never met him til post-Flashpoint.” I was utterly convinced that the writers would never make the villain be someone so obvious. But here we are, folks. They double-tricked me. It would appear that our man Julian is, in fact, Dr. Alchemy.

But do I have any idea what that means? NOPE. He certainly seems to be an unwilling accomplice of Savitar. Perhaps we’ll go in the comic book direction and the sinister Doc may in fact be a personality divergent from Julian’s. Or for all I know the dang stone (yet to be named The Philosopher’s Stone, I might add!) might be calling the shots. I suspect there’s much, much more here than meets the eye. I also suspect that Julian’s heart-to-heart with Barry wasn’t a lie. His history w/ his family, the military, all of it…my gut tells me all this was true. Same with his deep issues with metahumans. It seems clear there’s a LOT more to this story. I, for one, cannot wait to see where it goes from here!

Next week is the big crossover episode extravaganza!! Check out all 4 CW Superhero shows to catch all parts of the giant storyline that involves all your favorite DC heroes! Because of the 4-show crossover, we are delaying the podcast until AFTER Legends Of Tomorrow, so FEEDBACK DEADLINE IS 9AM EST ON FRIDAY DECEMBER 2ND. :)

Oh – and for fun – here’s a screenshot of the Ledded Gho gag we discussed in the podcast!

Let It Go, Caitlin, just Let It Go!

Let It Go, Caitlin, just Let It Go!

Thanks everyone – talk to you next week!


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