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CCU Episode 76
The Flash Season 3 Episode 6: Shade

The Flash really stepped up their game this week, with a great Caitilin storyline building to some exciting things, and a terrific Wally/Alchemy story that led us to SAVITAR!  (?!?)  Despite Shade himself being a very weak plot-device villain, this episode had a lot of great stuff going for it.  Here are some thoughts from co-host Joe:

Flash, Season 3, Episode 5: Shade

What’s Up, Doc?
I have absolutely no idea what Dr. Alchemy is up to. His motivations, his abilities, if he’s even a “he,”…no clue. And I love it. After a long run (heh) of speedster villains, I thought “him? Really?” when they announced the good doctor as one of the big bads. Truth is, he’s not very high on the super villain ladder. And it’s made even trickier because Flash has SO MANY villains! Capt. Cold, Gorrila Grodd, Blaquesmith…had you said one of them would be this season’s primary antagonist, I’d have said “obviously.” But a goofy, gasmasked dude with split personalities and a gun that could turn oxygen into helium? Ummmm….
That being said, ever since Alchemy skulked out of the shadows looking like a steampunk Dr. Doom, I was sold. And what’s working so well is how little we know!!! We don’t even have a clear idea how his powers work, or why he’s even “freeing” powered people from Flashpoint at all! It’s Boba Fett before the terrible Episode 2 reveal…he’s got a great look, and the less we know his plans, the more intriguing he becomes! I for one can’t wait to see what comes next!

Next week is going to be an exciting episode, as Caitlin comes to terms with her Killer Frostiness!  (And after that, we get a week of crossover magic!)  The next episode airs on the 22nd, and Feedback Deadline will be midnight the following night (Wednesday before Thanksgiving, for all of you in the U.S.A!)

Thanks, also, to everyone who sent in iTunes reviews and Feedback – you guys rock!
Talk to you next week –
Tony and Joe

(PS – if you’re interested in more about the original comics version of Savitar, check it out HERE!)


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