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CCU 71 Season 3 Episode 3
Greetings, Central City Undergrounders!  This week we discuss the episode Magenta, and agree that it’s the strongest episode of the season so far – some really crisp writing, directing and acting moving several storylines forward in exciting ways!  With the return of Harry Wells, Jesse (and her new speed!),  the addition of a new Speed Lab (?!), and a genuinely sympathetic villain, Magenta is a winner of an episode from start to finish.

Give a listen to the podcast, and  let us know what you think of any of the talking points we discussed by calling us at 304-837-2278 to share your thoughts!  Also, join us next week for another new episode of The Flash, titled The New Rogues, which will introduce another set of great bad-guys to challenge Team Flash!

Before we go, though:  We talk about how Magenta herself is a comic character with a pretty different background and look than the one in the show (although we LOVED what they did onscreen with the character).  Here are some photos of her from various points in the comics!  And CLICK HERE to read more about the backstory of that comics character!

PS – Keep an eye out for a special BONUS podcast coming your way in a day or two – a great chat between Tony, Joe, and Eobard Thawne himself, Matt Letscher!

magenta_0001        320729-145726-magenta   screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-10-21-27-am

PPS – Don’t forget to check out the other great GSM Podcasts!


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