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The Flash, Season 3, Episode 2: Paradox.

Well, it was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Time and time again, the dangers of time travel have been spelled out. But did such warnings stop Barry? Sure. Temporarily. But sure enough, a quick dash and a sudden wormhole, and Barry would find himself in the past. But here’s the thing…that’s a dangerous writing device to have just lying about. When we (the viewing audience) know that Barry can zip back and fix his mistakes, it’s hard for us not to wonder why he doesn’t do it all the time.

ENTER JAY GARRICK! Firstly, I will always love seeing Mr. Shipp return with that winged helmet. Secondly, I cannot help but think that what happened had to happen. It had to be driven home to Barry (and perhaps to us) that these time travel shenanigans had to stop! While I unabashedly love this show, even during its “meh” episodes, I sometimes struggled to commit to what I was watching. Why? Because there was always an unspoken threat that the timeline could change/be erased and anything I’d invested in would then vanish. For the first time in quite a bit, I feel that fear disappearing.

Sure, I may not care for down-in-the-dumps Cicso. And I certainly want he and Barry to be back to slinging one-liners ASAP. But Caitlyn developing frosty powers? And the masked and menacing Dr. Alchemy? And the possibility of Wally donning the yellow as Kid Flash again? Yeah, I’d say the potential good of the reset timeline outweighs the bad. So long as Barry continues behaving himself.

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Tony and Joe (and Karen)


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