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CCU 69 Season 3 Episode 1

WELCOME BACK TO CENTRAL CITY UNDERGROUND!  It’s been a long summer hiatus, but we’re excited to be here with you for Season 3 of The Flash!  Thanks for joining us.  We hope you enjoyed the third season premiere, Flashpoint!

Here are some thoughts from one of your CCU hosts – Joe!

Time Keeps On Slippin’
The Flash, Season 3, Ep. 1: Flashpoint
WE’RE BACK, BABY! Back like a boomerang! Back like a …Capt. Boomerang!
Man oh man, have I missed you crazy folks at the CCU. Sure, we’ve all been a-chatting away on the FB page, but it’s not quite the same without the show going on as well. BUT our long, long summer is over! Season 3 is back, and back with a time-travel bang!
They were NOT kidding when they said Flashpoint would last very long. A single episode? Mayhap. BUT the ramifications of Flashpoint will be felt for quite a while to come, methinks. Sure, it was a joy to see Wally all Kid Flashed, but I admit I’m glad to see us back in the world we know and love…OR IS IT!? We’ve already seen that the Joe/Iris relationship has been altered, and who knows what else? Maybe Cisco will no longer be a metahuman! Maybe Caitlin will form a relationship with someone who doesn’t die or turn out to be a sadistic monster! Maybe Star Labs will have doors that lock!!! (No. No, that’s just silly).
My greatest hope of all? No more time travel. There, I said it. I gotta believe it’s time for Barry to learn his lesson and stop mucking w/ the chain of events. I admit that I find myself struggling to commit to the world of the Flash now because I live in fear that just when I really fall in love with things, someone will get all timey-wimey and we’ll end up with Snart Labs and Hippopotamus Grodd. But who am I kidding? There’s enough interesting things coming down the pipeline that I’m gonna tune in every Tuesday night with great antici…pation.
Welcome back, Flash. Now be nice to the timeline and we’ll all get along fine.
Next week our Feedback Deadline is Wednesday at Midnight EST.  Call 304-837-2278 and share your thoughts with the group! Or, as always, go to the Feedback Page and email or yell at us through the Speakpipe Widget!  :)
Lastly – we apologize – we had some audio challenges with this episode.  We cleaned it up as best as we could, but it’s not as clean as the normal GSM podcast – we’ll sort that out next week!   Until then, make sure to check out the other awesome GSM Podcasts!  And remember to join us at our Facebook page and chat with us on Twitter at @TheFlashGSM or @TonyCaselli
Thanks everyone – talk to you next week!
Tony and Joe


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