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The Race Of His Life
CCU 68 Season 3 Episode 23

Season 2 of The Flash has come to a climactic cliff-hanger of an ending with The Race Of His Life. This week’s podcast is another long one, with much to discuss about the finale and some terrific feedback and theories from the CCU Community.

Here are some opening thoughts from Joe:

Zoom Out
The Flash, Season 2, Episode 23: The Race of His Life.
So long, Zoom! Your motivations may have been murky at best, but when you were scary, you were SCARY. You broke Barry’s back, killed Barry’s dad, traumatized Caitlyn, and started the Metapocalypse! So yes, seeing you pulled into the speed force by a pair of spectral entities? Didn’t hate it.
And so Season 2 leaves us with some BIG questions for Season 3. As I did last year, I like to ask…what would you like to see in Season 3? An interesting point is, while many feel this sets up Flashpoint, I’m not so sure. After all, we found out in Season 1 that the world our characters already live in is, in fact, a divergent timeline!! Barry’s mom wasn’t supposed to die! Thawne went back and killed her, so doesn’t that mean that by saving Mamma Allen, Barry has returned the timeline to its proper course? A noodle-scratcher indeed…BUT here are some things I’d love to see in Season 3. Please feel free to let us know your wish list!
1) ROGUE WAR: I think many of us are in agreement that we’re ready for a big bad that’s NOT a speedster. I for one feel like it’s time for the Flash’s iconic baddies…the Rogues…to step up! Led by Capt. Cold, we’ve already met several of them (Heat Wave, Trickster, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper, Golden Glider, Capt. Boomerang). In fact, the only three biggies we’ve not met are Mirror Master, the Top, and Abra Kadabra. Rogue War follows a new group of rogues causing chaos in the city, leaving Capt. Cold and his gang to put the smack down on them. And of course, our pal The Flash gets caught in between.
2) Gorilla City! There must be a way! Whether it’s going back to Earth-2, or discovering there’s an equivalent on Earth-1, I want to see Grodd leading an army of intelligent super-apes! Also, I’d love to see Grodd come to his full level of intelligence, becoming the human-hating malevolent genius we all know and love.
3) Mirror Master: Dangit. They teased him for this season, ad we got nothing. He’s one of the most iconic Flash villains, and could prove to be very useful in reaching other worlds, resetting timelines, etc…
4) Wally West as Flash/Kid Flash/Impulse/Hot Pursuit/SOMETHING! We all saw him hit by that dark matter wave. We all know what we want. Give us Speedster Wally! He and Grant Gustin already have great chemistry together, we see the bond forming between them, and he’s totally old enough to start dating Linda Park! Bring on the Wild West! Which leads me nicely into the final wish…
5) The Speedster Family. The real Jay Garrick has stood up. We’ve got two up-and-coming speedsters in Wally West and Jessie Quick. Let’s see the Flash-Family start to form up, under the benevolent guidance of Jay. He’s something of a father/grandfather figure to the characters in the comic, and JWS could fill that role nicely. And wouldn’t your heart just melt if Amanda Pays played the Earth-3 Joan Garrick (Jay’s longtime love/wife in the comics?)
From the bottom of our nerdy hearts, THANK YOU to everyone who joined us a part of the CCU family this year!  It has been a joy spending the season with you, and we’re honored to host this show with you.  Don’t forget to join us over the summer on the CCU Facebook page, and on Twitter at @TheFlashGSM for continued discussion, theories and news!
Be well everyone!
Tony and Joe
PS – remember to check out all the other shows at Golden Spiral Media to fill that CCU-sized hole in your hearts this summer!!  Or, if you want to keep up with the CCU hosts, you can check out Joe’s website HERE, and follow Tony on Twitter at @TonyCaselli, or check out his website HERE!


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