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CCU 67 Season 2 Episode 22

The Penultimate episode has come and gone, and now we dissect it!  Warning:  This podcast is long.  We blame Zoom – he’s screwing everything up EVERYWHERE!!  Someone has to do something about that guy!

Thoughts on Invincible from Joe:

Oh, Henry.
The Flash, Season 2. Episode 22. Invincible.
Well, a lot of us saw it coming. You don’t say things like “I’m back for good” (paraphrasing) in comic-book TV w/out courting the grim spectre of death. Not…not the Jim Corrigan Spectre, but…anyway.
Henry Allen, we barely knew thee. You were in prison for basically all of Season 1, and off camping for most of Season 2. But still, when your presence was there, it was felt. Whether it was to evoke tears or impart fatherly advice, we were always glad to see you. I admit, I’ve grown more than a little weary of the scenes that start with “Barry, can we talk?” Seriously, it’s like every other episode!! They might as well create a Exposition Room where characters can have heartfelt talks w/ The Flash that grind the episode to a screeching halt and…but I digress.
Henry made his first appearance in the comics in 1962, and his story was a largely uneventful one. Well, except for that period when he temporarily died and his body was possessed by the evil spirit of the Top. In more modern times, a certain time-traveling jerk by the name of Eobard Thawne went back in time and murdered Flash’s mom. That changed existing continuity and found poor Henry in prison, where he eventually passed away. So I suppose the television version of Henry lasted a bit longer, and had a happier story. But oh, what a tease to have him meet Dr. McGee and have such sparkling chemistry! OH THE SUPERHUMANITY!

Next week, folks, we wrap up Season 2 of The Flash!  Feedback deadline is Wednesday, 10pm EST.  Send in your thoughts and let us know what you thought of the finale, and of Season 2 as a whole!  Call 304-837-2278 or use the Feedback Page!


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