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CCU 65 Season 2 Episode 20

Rupture was a pretty terrific episode, in our humble opinions. Here’s Joe to talk a little more about it:

What’s In A Name?
EP. 20: Rupture. Sure, we met a new bad guy. Sure, we got a better sense of what Zoom’s plans are. Sure, we got to see 3 fathers fighting over one son. And hey, maybe our titular hero got turned into radioactive debris. But none of those things were the singular point that kept coming up in the feedback.
“Garrick. That’s my mother’s maiden name.”
And with that utterance, Flash fandom across the country…nay, across the planet!…screamed w/ joy or shock or exasperation or…well, there was screaming.
Many feel certain this means that the infamous “Man in the Iron Mask” is in fact Jay Garrick AND that Jay Garrick is in fact an alternate-earth variant of Henry Allen himself! Which earth? How did this come to be? The truth will be revealed soon.
Since the announcement long ago that John Wesley Shipp was joining the cast of The Flash, I was hoping against hope that he’d be Jay Garrick. It just seems so right. He the right age, the right look, and he was truly the predecessor to our current flash! But when they announced that he’d be playing Barry’s dad, my hopes of him donning the winged helmet vanished. But now, the clever writers have re-ignited the flame of hope.
Oh sure. There’s still a chance the Man in the Iron Mask is in fact someone else entirely. Heck, he could take it off and reveal himself to be Bruce Wayne for all I know. But man oh man oh man am I hoping that we’ll finally see…
john-wesley-shipp-jay-garrick(ps – thanks, internet, for this awesome image)


See you next week for another great episode of The Flash, the Kevin Smith directed episode The Runaway Dinosaur, which should be a ton of fun.  AND our Feedback Deadline next week is on Wednesday, at 10pm EST – call 304-837-2278 or use the GSM FEEDBACK PAGE to share your thoughts.

And, for fun, here are some pics of Rupture from the comics.  Click HERE for more info!!

Rupture_002 Rupture_005 93d97e9b3a4b08d1f99a2ce398bf0834

Also – remember to check out all other terrific podcasts at Golden Spiral Media!


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