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Back To Normal
CCU 64 Season 2 Episode 19

The events in Back To Normal set up some exciting possibilities for the next few episodes of The Flash!  Here to share his thoughts about one of those big events is co-host Joe!

Killed Frost
Flash, Season 2. Episode 19. “Back to Normal.” Here’s the long and short of what I’ve learned from the Flash this season. The multiverse only seems to want 1 of everyone. Why? Because doppelgangers die! Oh, they die often! And it’s not reserved for Earth-2-ers! The fact that Griffin Grey died this episode tells me that on Earth-2, a happy, 18-year-old Griffin is likely living it up on a yacht. And yes, our (or at least my) favorite doppelganger was put on ice (heh) this episode. RIP-Killer Frost. We (or at least I) loved you, and we’re sorry to see you go. But let’s recap, shall we…Harrison Wells of Earth-1: Dead. Sure, that happened last season, but Harry is now the sole Wells of the 2 earths.
Killer Frost: Dead. Caitlyn is now the sole Caitlyn of the 2 earths.
Reverb: Dead. Cisco is the sole Cisco of the 2 earths.
Deathstorm: Dead. Final fate of Ronnie Raymond of Earth-1 unknown. (If I don’t see a body, I don’t buy it.)
Joseph West of Earth-2: Dead. Our Joe is the sole Joe.
King Shark: Earth 1 is fishbait, Earth-2 is in a prison aquarium.
Barry’s mom: Earth-1 version DEAD, Earth-2 version happily vacationing.
Then there are some (Atom Smasher, Deadshot) that the multiverse will just have none of, and wipes out both!
I’m not saying that some of the doppelgangers won’t survive. BUT if I were either of the Barry’s or the Iris’, I’d make sure I’d buckle that belt before I started the car. Is all I’m saying.

Feedback Deadline next week is Wednesday, 10pm EST.  Share your thoughts on the next episode, Rupture, by calling us at 304-837-2278, or going to the Golden Spiral Media Feedback Page!

Oh, and for a little more info about the Guest Villain this week, Griffin Grey, click here!
Lastly – Tony apologizes for coughing so much this episode.  Tried to edit out as much as I could!

See you next week –

Tony and Joe


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