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Versus Zoom
CCU 63 Season 2 Episode 18

Flash returns after another hiatus with a fun episode that got mixed reviews from the CCU Community!  Whether you loved it or not, Versus Zoom gave us some terrific moments, some great acting, some answers to questions, and a few more questions as well!  Here are some thoughts from co-host Joe:

The Great Divide.
Flash, Season 2, Episode 18. Versus Zoom.
Tony and I love that feedback. No, not the kind that happens when you drop a mic near a speaker. The kind that you awesome Undergroundlings send us on a weekly basis. I admit, when I realized we’d have less than a 24hr turnaround between episode and recording, I thought we’d get few-to-no feedback this week. I’ll never doubt you awesome people again.
The thing that really struck Tony and I both was how divided the feedback was. Some of you LOVED this episode…loved the Zoom reveals, the tension, the fear, the lurv…all of it. Others were less pleased. Zoom’s villainesque monologue, the fairly confusing explanations, the lovelorn ladies.
I admit that I fell more into the latter camp, but I may have had unrealistic expectations for this episode. This is one of the curses of being a fan of the comics first. There were so many Hunter Zolomon moments from the books I was hoping to see onscreen, and none of them came to pass. That’s on me.
What I love his how wildly different the opinions within our community can be, but we still treat each other with love and respect. The phrase “nerd bully” has entered the modern vernacular, but I do love the fact that there’s no bullying to be had here. We don’t fight; we discuss. And more often, we joke and laugh. And maybe tease a little. Because love or hate an episode, we are still united in our love of all things Flashy.

Thanks for joining us, everyone!  This was a fast turnaround, because of some life scheduling things, so we appreciate all of the feedback, and we apologize to those of you who sent stuff in and missed the deadline.  We will include your thoughts next week if we didn’t get them in time for this podcast!  As always, check the Facebook Page and our Twitter @TheFlashGSM for more fun chat, and podcast details and news!

And, thankfully, NO MORE HIATUS!  So we’ll see you next week for another episode!

-Tony and Joe


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