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King Shark
CCU 59 Season 2 Episode 15

Well, King Shark may be the last episode we get for about a month, but it certainly left us with some things to discuss!  Here are some thoughts from co-host Joe!

The Hunters and the Hunted
Well, it just wouldn’t be the Flash unless someone you trusted turned out to be a speedster wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ain’t that always the way? And as many of us predicted, and as was confirmed by Andrew Kreisberg himself, Zoom is indeed Hunter Zolomon! I’m over-the-moon, as Zoom is a fave villain of mine, and I was hoping against hope that they’d stick to his comic book identity. BUT while we got one answer, about a thousand more were raised.
Is Hunter Zolomon the fella we saw on the park bench a few episodes back? Is the Jay Garrick we’ve come to know (and grow frustrated with) a Hunter Zolomon in disguise? Are there two Hunter’s working in cahoots? AND who the heck is the man in the metal mask?!
This is what I love about their last episode for a month. We finally got an answer to who the villain is…and it answered virtually NOTHING. The whys and wherefores are, if anything, even greater now. After months of listening to ParaWells tell us not to trust Jay…well, turns out he may have been right all along! I’m already anticipating so much heartbreak and recrimination when the inevitable winged-helmet drops. After seeing Thawne-Wells betray them a year earlier, how will Team Flash ever trust a new face again? Maybe that’s why we’ve got the new additions like ParaWells and Jesse and Wally. Maybe it’s time for the team to circle the wagons and not just trust any random yahoo who walks in through the unsecured doors. Only time will tell…

What did YOU think of King Shark?  What do you think of Central City Underground?  Who do you think the guy in the iron mask is?!  Let us know via the Feedback Page!
And don’t forget, the next episode on on Tuesday March 22nd!  We will be back on Friday March 25th, doing a Blab Livestream of our podcast recording at 11am EST.  Watch the CCU Facebook page and our CCU Twitter feed at @TheFlashGSM for more details!
(Also – don’t forget, while The Flash is on a little break, now is a great time to catch up on some of the other GREAT podcasts from Golden Spiral Media!)


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