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Welcome to Earth-2
CCU 57 Season 2 Episode 13

This week, in Welcome To Earth-2, we got an AMAZING trip to Earth-2 from the writers and production team, some fantastic work by the cast, and it all added up to one of the most fun, exciting, satisfying episodes ever!  This episode of Central City Underground had a quick feedback deadline, but we got a ton of great feedback, way to go Undergrounders!  Here are some thoughts from Co-Host Joe:

A Song of  Frost and Fire
So tonight, we were introduced to one baddy we’ve be waiting for since Season 1, Ep 1, as well as a variation on a good guy I personally never thought we’d see. But who, you may ask, are Killer Frost and Deathstorm? Let’s find out, shall we?
So there have been a few Killer Frost’s in the DC universe, w/ one Dr. Caitlyn Snow as only the most recent. In fact, the person most people identify as Killer Frost was in fact Dr. Louise Lincoln, a revenge-obsessed foe of Firestorm and carrier of the original Killer Frost’s torch (heh). Caitlyn wasn’t introduced until 2013, as part of DC’s Forever Evil storyline. This young doctor was sent to the Arctic to on a thermodynamic engine. Much to her surprise, she found the place swarming w/ H.I.V.E. agents (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination). Think of them as the DC equivalent of HYDRA. Anyway, much chaos ensued and young Caitlyn found herself INSIDE the engine! She frantically tried to escape, and the device ended up merging her biology with ice itself! After a scuffle w/ Firestorm, she found his heat-blasts could temporarily alleviate her ice-cubic nature. So she continued to pick fights with him, and learned what she could of the mysterious “Firestorm Matrix.”
As for Deathstorm…well, that’s trickier. In the comics, poor Ronnie Raymond bit the dust. BUT during an event known as Blackest Night, he (along w/ many deceased characters) was resurrected as something of a super-zombie version of himself. He’s eventually returned back to life, and all seems fine, right? WRONG. Turns out the evil, undead Firestorm (aka Deathstorm) still resides within the Firestorm Matrix, and manages to free itself from the Matrix during a merger-separation between Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch. (That’s a tale for another time). Chaos ensues. And let’s not even get started on Earth-3’s Deathstorm, who is in fact an very evil Dr. Stein, who merges with…A FREAKING CORPSE!
There you have it, folks. The short run-down of the comic book history of some classic villains. The more you know…
Join us next week for the second half of this 2-parter, Escape From Earth-2!
Feedback Deadline next week will be Thursday, 5pm EST!  Call your feedback in to 304-837-2278, or use the Golden Spiral Media Feedback Page, RIGHT HERE!  :)
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