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CCU 56- Season 2 Episode 12

The new episode of FLASH, Fast Lane, brought us a classic villain but, even more importantly, it brought some great development in the West family, and the Star Labs family! We got to know more about Wally West, who has a couple different histories in the comics (between the classic “Kid Flash” and the updted “New 52″ version of Wally!  Check out what co-host Joe had to say about Fast Lane:

The Wild West

One of the things I really give this show a lot of credit for is the writer’s abilities to take what we know of the comics and turn it on its head. Way more often then not, they do this in a way that still feels both organic to the story and true to the spirit of The Flash canon. One of the big “just like you know it but different” aspects this season is the introduction of Wally West.
Those familiar w/ the comics know well that Wally started his super-heroic career as the wee Kid Flash, Barry Allen’s yellow-clad teenage sidekick. After a series of tragic events, Wally took over as the Flash and remained the sole Scarlet Speedster for many, many years. He grew up (he started out as a young teen, I believe), got married, had a family, and saved the day a lot.
But in the classic comics, Barry is not Iris’ brother. He’s her nephew. In fact, he didn’t even meet Barry until he and Iris were already an item, and quickly began to idolize his Uncle Barry. Then believe it or not, the EXACT SAME accident happened to young Wally, with a bolt of lightening knocking him into some chemicals and BAM! Super speed! The Kid Flash was born, and even went on to help found the Teen Titans! This was back in the day when you just weren’t a super-hero unless you had a teen side-kick. How Green Lantern managed to make it through without a Lantern Lad is beyond me. Or maybe something truly cheesy like Glowy. (Speedy, I’m lookin’ at you.)
I’m very curious to see how the new dynamic plays out. Barry and Wally are MUCH closer in age. This Wally isn’t an impressionable teen. He’s an all-but-adult with his own life and ideas, and suddenly a brand new family! I have a feeling that while his dynamic w/ Barry Allen will be different, it’ll be super engaging all the same.
That’s it for this week – next week the Feedback Deadline is 5pm EST on WEDNESDAY!  (It’s a quick turnaround, due to work schedules the podcast recording is Wednesday evening next week.  Sorry for the short deadline!)  Get your feedback in, we’d love to share your thoughts with the group!  Use the FEEDBACK PAGE, or call us at 304-837-2278!


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