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CCU 55- Season 2 Episode 11

Some thoughts from co-host Joe on THE REVERSE-FLASH RETURNS:


The Reverse-Flash Returns!  Zolomania!This was the episode I’d been waiting all season for, on a lot of levels. I admit that while I do (and likely always will) love this show from the bottom of my nerdy heart, I’ve had several moments of “hrm?” this season. Those who listen regularly know of my issues w/ this incarnation of Jay Garrick. Some of Barry’s behavior has felt very out-of-character to me too. And I remain unsold on the Jay-Caitlin romance (which I’m calling Jaytlin.) Why do I criticize? Lots of reasons, but mostly ’cause I love. The writing on this show is so regularly solid that I’m afraid it makes the less-solid moments stand out all the more.

Then, Tuesday 1/26 happened.
First off, I just have to say it. Matt Letscher KILLED IT as Thawne. So much so that, just my opinion, THIS is the guy I want to see playing Reverse-Flash from this point forward. It’s no small task to take on a character created by someone else and make it both your own and honor what’s come before. But man, he did it and then some. As he dripped pure venom, revealing his origin to Barry…I got chills. The fury, the confidence, the utter disregard for the lives of people who (to him) have been dead for centuries. I was totally riveted. I’ve always felt like Reverse-Flash has to be a part of the Flash universe for good and all. He’s Barry’s truest nemesis, and the source of…well, damn near everything bad that’s happened to him. To see Professor Thawne and Gideon back was an utter joy. And with the way his time-line works, I hope and pray we’ll see Matt’s Eobard many, many more times.
And then, the big shocker hit. Hunter Zolomon. Hunter. Freaking. Zolomon.
Tied with Gorilla Grodd as my favorite Flash villain is the comic-book Zoom. Rarely have I read a more well-thought-out villain, a true monster who believes every evil he inflicts is for a greater good, to push heroes into trying harder, pushing themselves further. So I’ve been a tiny bit confused by this Zoom. Not the end of the world. I just wanted  know where they were going with this. And yeah, I was waiting and hoping for Hunter Zolomon, the comic-book identity of Zoom. But who, you ask is this fellow w/ a wacky name? Aside from Jay’s doppelganger?
Well, in the comics, he has no connection to Mr. Garrick. He’s brought to Keystone City to help the police force. Why? Because he’s a Rogue Profiler. He spent his life learning all there is to learn about getting into the super-criminal mind. His own life was racked by tragedy, when a cartoonish super-villain (The Clown) killed his beloved father-in-law and shot out his kneecap, permanently wrecking that leg. Zolomon became fast friends w/ Wally West, and an integral member of Wally’s Team Flash…until a certain super-gorilla broke his spine. Hunter was paralyzed from the waste down, for life. He begged Wally to go back in time and fix his life, but Wally decided the risks to the timeline were too great. So Hunter took a risk and used a time machine himself…and it exploded. Hunter was shifted out of time as we know it. He realized he could slip in and out of time, appearing to move faster than even the Flash. He also realized that he fit a profile…a super-criminal profile. As Eobard Thawne’s Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom had tormented Barry Allen, Hunter Zolomon would torture Wally West as…ZOOM.
I know I’ve explained some of this before. I decided it may be time for a refresher course. Why? Because I suspect we’ve not seen the last of the Flarrowverse’s Hunter Zolomon. And I’m damn curious to see how it all unravels!
 For fun, here’s a shot from an old comic, with one of the Zoom/Hunter Solomon origin panels!
We hope you enjoyed the show, and the podcast!  As always, let us know what you think of both on our Feedback Page!
Talk to you next week!
-Tony and Joe


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