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CCU 54- Season 2 Episode 10

The long mid-season hiatus is ended, and The Flash has returned, with Potential Energy!

Join us as we discuss the new episode.  A few surprises this week, some welcome and some not, as our heroes battle a classic DC villain who has had a little bit of a twist done to him for the  for the show.

Plus, this week we have a ton of great CCU Community Feedback!

If you’re interested in more about The Turtle, check out this link!  And here are some pics of The Turtle, just for fun!

Turtle_Man_001 Turtle_(DC) 3528973-0314184758-f0vtW Turtle Man


Of course, Joe couldn’t let the Patty Plot Twist go without MUCH complaining – so here are some thoughts from him!


We Love You, Patty. Oh Yes, We Do!
Henry Allen? Exit stage left. Martin Stein? Off to another show. But Patty…oh, Patty. We just weren’t ready. Your heart-breaking smile, your quick wit, your adorable nerdiness…When first we heard that Barry would have a new love interest this season, many of us scoffed. Eyes were rolled. Barry + Iris. That’s how it was meant to be, and by gum, that’s what we wanted! But then this crazy thing happened. This beyond-charming police officer showed up, asking to join Joe’s task force. And we melted. 
If you’re anything like me, Patty captured your heart from the jump. Her every joke was delivered perfectly, and when she and Grant were in the same room, the sparkage was so intense that I’m amazed nothing caught on fire. As I was going through our delightful pile of feedback today, one theme kept hitting over and over and over. Like me, you just weren’t ready to see Patty go away. And so I raise my glass to her, but let us not say “goodbye.” Goodbye…is just too painful. Let us instead say “See you soon.” Because we damn well better. 
In honor of her, I share the sequence in which I believe Patty won us all over.
Barry Allen: How’s it going with Joe? You any closer to cracking his no-code? 
Patty Spivot: Are you kidding me? He’s like the permission Sphinx. Or like a magic eight ball with just one answer. Or like, you know, the Bridgekeeper protecting the Holy Grail. 
Barry Allen: What is your quest? 
Patty Spivot: Oh, to join your task force. 
Barry Allen: No. 
Barry AllenPatty Spivot: Aah!
And, lastly here’s a pic of Joe with The Turtle himself, Aaron Douglas!
We’ll see you next week, for another great episode of THE FLASH!
(Remember, next week, Feedback Deadline will be 5pm EST Thursday, and our Blab Livestream will be at 11am EST on Friday.  Check the Facebook page and the Twitter Feed for the link.)


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