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CCU 52 – Season 2 Episode 8

What a great crossover event between Flash and Arrow!

To celebrate the Legends of Today Team-Up, we did a Podcast Team-Up!
It’s CCU and Arrow Squad, Together Again For The First Time Since The Last Time!

Join us for the LONGEST podcast in CCU History, as two teams of hosts dissect two hours worth of two teams of superheroes!  Not only did Legends of Today and Legends of Yesterday set up Legends of Tomorrow for the January premiere, but it moved Flash and Arrow toward their mid-season finales, and it set up a nice bit of mystery surrounding a certain Speed Enhancing Drug that you just KNOW is going to come into play soon!  Plus, this week, we got the introduction to one of DC’s biggest villains, Vandal Savage!  And now, here to tell you more about that, is Joe “Joey Shakespeare” Zettelmaier:

And so the two-parter has happened! Unlike our last few, this was less of two semi-connected tales and a true long story broken up over two days. We’ve seen more heroes onscreen than in anything short of animation. But what are heroes without a great villain, and man, did we get a great one. 
Vandal Savage. Oooooooooooh, Vandal. He first appeared in (get ready to jaw-drop) Green Lantern #10 in December 1944!!! Yeah, he’s been around a long time, both in the DC universe and outside of it. He’s fought them all…the JLA, Green Lantern, The Flash, The JSA, even the Dark Knight himself. But who, you ask, is Vandal Savage? In the series, he appears to be an alias for Hath-Set, an ancient Egyptian priest obsessed w/ the death of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. BUT in the comics, Vandal and Hath-Set are two very different people.
In prehistoric times, a radioactive meteor slams into the earth. Vandar Adg, leader of the cro-magnon Blood Tribe, went to investigate. The “skyrock” irradiated the erstwhile caveman, and things changed. Vandar got smart. REALLY smart. He also got a form of immortality, tho’ that has shifted some within the comics. Yes, he’s always been largely ageless, capable of enduring an exceptional amount of damage and walking away. A healing factor Wolverine would’ve envied. Apparently, to maintain that immortality, he has to occasionally devour one of his own offspring. Hey, everything’s got rules. 
His driving goal has always been the utter and complete domination of the planet, and the “lesser beings” dwelling here. And lemme tell you, he’s done some INTERESTING things in his life. Here’s a few highlights on Vandal’s resume.
1) He helped to sink Atlantis. 
2) He killed a few ladies in London under the name Jack the Ripper.
3) He’s been known in history by a few names like Vlad the Impaler, Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan, and Blackbeard.
4) He may have built Stonehenge. 
He’s done more than a few things in his long, long life…and in most of them, he’s been very…savage. He’s incredibly smart, a tactical genius, strong and near indestructible. All he’s really lacking is a conscience. Immortal. Unstoppable. One of those villains that can be defeated, but you always know you’ve only forestalled the inevitable. Vandal Savage will ALWAYS be back. 

That’s it for this week folks!  We hope you enjoy the extra-big crossover podcast.  We’ll see you NEXT WEEK for the mid-season finale of Flash, Running To Stand Still.  Thanks, Undergrounders – you’re the best!

-Tony and Joe
PS – next week, because of crazy schedules, Feedback deadline is going to be 10am EST on WEDNESDAY December 9th!  It’s a short turnaround time for the podcast and feedback, but the other option was to delay it for 5 days, and we decided there was no way we could wait that long.  SO – watch the show Tuesday or early Wednesday and send your feedback in to 304-837-2278, or to The Feedback Page!

PPS – Here are some fun looks at Vandal Savage from the comics!

Vandal+Savage vandal-savage-time2-1 VandalSavage02 hqdefault



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