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CCU 51 – Season 2 Episode 7

Some thoughts, from CCU Co-Host Joe, about Gorilla Warfare:

Putting the “Great” in “Great Ape”
I sometimes think back to 15, 10, heck, even 5 years ago. When I thought about that on Wednesday, what I thought was “no way could they have made Grodd work back then.” Sure, they could’ve tried in the old 1990 version of the show. They could’ve begged Stan Winston, and he’d have made one heck of an animatronic mask on top of some huge dude in an ape costume. But it wouldn’t be what we saw this week in Gorilla Warfare. 
One of the things I love about the CW’s Grodd is that they’re honoring his size from the comic books. In DC, Grodd stands MUCH taller than a gorilla…heck, taller than any human. To quote ParaWells…”That’s one big gorilla.” It makes a difference. Sure, he’s not King Kong, but he’s big enough to toss even big humans around like rag dolls. 
But there is one significant difference in the CW version. This Grodd has a soul. In the comics, Grodd is utterly remorseless and downright murderous, viewing human life as beneath contempt. That isn’t the Grodd we saw this week. This Grodd is angry, yes, even violent…but it comes from a place of great pain and loneliness. He doesn’t want to be alone. He misses his “Father.” He feels betrayed by almost everyone. He’s the Frankenstein Monster in ape-form. The look of turmoil and confusion upon seeing the Man in the Yellow Suit broke my heart. This Grodd is a victim of barbarous scientific cruelty; he didn’t ask to be gigantic or psychic or smart. These things were forced on him, and he’s trying to make sense of a world he doesn’t understand.I’m not saying they should recruit Grodd into the JLA. Just saying they’ve done a good job taking a hyper-aggressive super-villain from the comics and turning him into someone we can at least sympathize with a little. 
What did YOU think of this Gorilla Warfare?  And, are you looking forward to the next episode on December 1st, the big two-part crossover with Arrow?  WE ARE!  So, there’s no episode next week – but we’ll be back the week after that for some more speedster fun, and we’re looking forward to chatting with all of you about it!
See you soon!
-Tony and Joe
PS – We talk a lot about Gorilla City in the podcast this week.
Are you looking for even more info about Gorilla City from the DC Comics?  Well check THIS out!
And, for fun, here are a couple of examples of how the city has been portrayed in the comics:
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.25.00 PM 825084-gorilla_city


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