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CCU 50 – Season 2 Episode 6

Some thoughts from CCU Co-Host Joe:

Heroes Die
What really struck me regarding this week’s episode of The Flash, Enter Zoom, was not just the final ten minutes, but the largely similar reaction the fanbase seems to have with it. 
“I almost cried”
“I’m still too out of breath from the final 10 minutes of this week’s episode”
“Those last ten minutes scared the BLEEP out of me.”
And these are just reactions from within our beloved CCU community!
I’ve watched Enter Zoom twice now, and I cannot stop thinking of that final fight. Part of what make’s The Flash such a fun show for me is how much they embrace the light and joyous comic book feel, but aren’t afraid to go dark when they need to. Last season’s ep in which we saw what the real Eobard Thawne did to Dr. Wells? DARK. Fake Wells stabbing Simon Stagg (established character w/ a LONG DC history)? DARK. But I think it’s safe to say that this first battle between Barry and Zoom was the darkest it’s ever been. I love this, from a comic book standpoint, because in the books, Wally’s first fight w/ Zoom is arguably the most tragic and heartbreaking of his career. Zoom isn’t your ordinary super villain. He doesn’t twirl his mustache or attack people w/ exploding rubber chickens (a classic trick of the Trickster). Zoom hurts people. Zoom teaches the worst sort of lessons. It’s not enough that he beat Barry; he had to humiliate him and utterly wreck Central City’s morale. 
We’ve finally gotten a good look at Zoom, and an even better look of what he’s capable of. I think this is just the tip of a very sinister iceberg. 
So what did YOU think of Enter Zoom?  Join us at the Facebook Page, or on Twitter at @TheFlashGSM and let us know!

Thanks for joining us, everyone! See you next week, for another great episode of THE FLASH!

(And don’t forget – next week features the return of your favorite talking gorilla…. don’t miss it!)

-Tony and Joe


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