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CCU 49 – Season 2 Episode 5

Some thoughts from CCU Co-Host Joe:

All’s Wells That Ends Wells

Oh, Harrison. Harrison, Harrison, Harrison. You have been missed. 
For me, while I’ve very much enjoyed Season 2 of the Flash, something has felt…well, a tiny bit off. Just a little something missing. By episode 3, I realized what it was. Good ol’ Harry. Sure, we’d seen a brief video clip of Eobard/Wells, and the quick flash of ParaWells, but that wasn’t enough. What we were missing were the character interactions. Wells cannot exist in a vacuum. As great as Tom Cavanagh is, and holy cow is he great, he truly shines when interacting with this exceptional cast. 
This Wells is truly not Eobard. If anything, Eobard was a tiny bit nicer, kinder. Sure, he was a killer and psychopath, but he could put on a happy face when he needed. ParaWells is a man driven. Short-tempered, impatient, and and according to Cisco, a DICK. That being said, I suspect he has good cause. The only thing about ParaWells I know for sure is that I’m thrilled he’s back on the show, and I’m anxiously awaiting more snarky interactions to come!


The Darkness And The Light gave us a lot of terrific moments!  What did YOU think?  Let us know your thoughts on this and anything Flash or CCU related by contacting us at the Golden Spiral Media hotline:  304-837-2278, or sending in Feedback from the GSM Feedback Page!

Thanks for joining us, everyone! See you next week, for another great episode of THE FLASH!

-Tony and Joe


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