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CCU 48 – Season 2 Episode 4

Karen and Tony discuss the good, the bad, the ugly, and THE FURY OF FIRESTORM!  Joe sends in feedback from another part of the planet, and plenty of listeners share their thoughts too!  And a giant walking shark grabs us by the throat.

The theme this week of Being Open To New Things was pretty great, and some of our Scooby Gang were open to new things… and some were not!  Firestorm certainly went through some changes and, yes, even a little bit of fury!  We also got some wonderful stuff with the West family, and some terrific set-up for Legends of Tomorrow AND for the rest of this season of The Flash.  And… we got a GIANT WALKING SHARK!!!

Join us as we chat about the wonderful craziness that is The Flash, and The Fury Of Firestorm.

So – jump into the conversation on our Twitter, @TheFlashGSM and on our Facebook Page “Central City Underground”, and share your thoughts and theories between now and next week.  Oh – and… in case we forgot to mention the amazing unexpected shark…. here are some images from the comics, and the show.

KingShark the-flash-king-shark-2-600x277 the-flash-king-shark KingSharkImAShark


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